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UNZIP (from Mail and Safari)



There is still a Bug in Apple's Mail application:
When you open a one-file zip file (a zip file with only one file in it) it will causes Mail.app to crash.
This is because Mail.app can't handle one-file-zip files with open-in function propperly.

There is a workaround: Open PDF


With "Unzip (from Mail and Safari)" you can open ZIP files out of the Mail or Safari application. The ZIP files will be unzipped automatically and you can browse, view and delete your files.
You can also export a file back to the Mail application (also as a draft).

IMPORTANT: Mail app is crashing when you try to open a ZIP File which only contains one file. This is a Bug in iOS 4.x. You can solve the problem when another "open in" application is installed.

IMPORTANT: To open a ZIP file out of the Mail application you have to touch the email attachment for more then 1 second. Quick view is not supported right now (detail view of the zip attachment).
If you see a blank screen, just click "back" and touch more then 1 second on the attachment.

* open ZIP files directly out of Mail application (see screenshot)
* open ZIP files directly out of Safari application (see screenshot)

This application also allows you to do file sharing over iTunes by connecting your device with the USB cable.